2142-171016114801-1110046574Beaded Gloves

  Legacy Code: CKS13009

2142-171016114801-1110046574Black Leather Gloves

Uk tri-service leather gloves


Uk tri-service leather gloves

2142-171016114801-1110046574Gauntlet Gloves

White leather gauntlet gloves

2142-171016114801-1110046574Gauntlet Gloves Black

Black leather gauntlet gloves

Men’s Brown Leather GlovesMen’s Brown Leather Gloves

  Legacy Code: CKS13032

2142-171016114801-1110046574Mercerised Knitted Cotton Gloves

A fully knitted profile glove made from mercerised cotton and worn by Household Cavalry, Guards Division & The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Officers during ceremonial duties. The cuff is doubled and secured to the inside seam

2142-171016114801-1110046574Other Ranks White Parade Gloves

Standard Quality White cotton tri-service parade gloves suitable for Army, RAF and Royal Navy use for wearing at parades, ceremonial events and special occasions

2142-171016114801-1110046574Royal Marine Pattern Gauntlets

RM Pattern Gauntlets White leather gloves (drummers pattern backs) with white gloss plastic cuffs.