Sale! 1782-211114101800-1110046574Bugle or Drum Majors Parade Cane

High quality Bugle or Drum Majors hardwood Parade Cane.

Sale! 2196-241116141752-11100465742195-2411161417391672076835

A elegant and simple cane or pace stick display stand.

Sale! 469-634117689320119750-1110046574Provost Sergeants and CSMs Cane

High quality 36″ Provost Sergeant and CSM hardwood cane.

Sale! 476-634117689320588503-1110046574Racer Pace Stick

Racer Pace Stick


Slim-Line Racer Pace Stick.
The only British handmade pace stick on the market. Date stamped for traceability.

Sale! RAF Cane 3-1raf-cane

RAF Cane finished with embossed RAF badge and silver bottom.