Ammo Pouch Flask

Stainless steel flask with handy storage compartment hidden in the lid.

Aqua Clear Water Purification

Aqua clear is the easy way to purify water.

Flexi Cup

Flexi Cup


"The ultimate space saving cup"

179-634117688864023081-1110046574Jack Pyke Flasks

Durable stainless steel flasks with screw lid acting as a cup for quick refreshment.

Pattern 58 Water Bottle

Pattern 58 water bottle comes in heavy duty black plastic bottle and mug.

Survival Pure Straw

Contains Web-tex Surviva-pure purification system inside. Filter contains pre-filters & built-in EPA purification medias that will outlast the life of the filter. Filter contains post-purification scrubbing system.

Web-Tex Collapsible Water Bowl

Great for washing or carring water when in camp and rolls up when you are ready to leave