Cyba-Lite Head Lamp

A simple and easy to use head torch. that keeps your hands free in all situations.

Gerber Recon Torch
Distance at which someone holding the Recon can read the top line of an eye chart is approx 5 metres (15 feet). Switch easily between red, white, blue or green lights.
Battery will last for 25 hours.
1975-090816144713-1110046574Highlander 3 Watt Opps Torch

A small but durable hand torch with a bright LED bulb.

1982-090816162620-1110046574Highlander Kadar Multi Colour LED torch

A swivel headed compact rubber hand torch.


Light sticks are excellent tools to use for map reading and emergency situations.

121-634117688821054056-1110046574Mira Head Lamp

The Mira headlamp is our most price conscious head lamp aimed at users that are new to headlamps and would like to try them out.

1177-160512113311-1110046574Reflective Headband

Elastic headband with reflective squares – 2 per pack

Sale! 1913-051115161942-1110046574Petzl Tactikka Plus Head Torch

The Tactikka Plus is built for stealth and covert operations. The Petzl Tactikka Plus Head Torch has all of the illumination needed no matter what the conditions are.

Sale! Silva Ranger Headlamp

Silva Ranger Headlamp

£33.95 £37.31

The Silva Ranger headlamp is as rugged as its name suggests.

Viper Tactical MOLLE Torch

Viper Tactical MOLLE torch is a compact light emitting device designed to be worn on MOLLE webbing. The torch can be secured to a belt, pocket and any other clothed areas.

9 LED Torch

9 LED Torch maybe small but do not underestimate the power of this torch, with 9 high intensity LED’s it gives extremely good visibility.

1904-261015103801-1110046574Warrior Head Torch

A lightweight head mounted torch which has a white coloured beam, with a red sliding filter. The torch itself only weighs 95g including the batteries and comes with a removable, adjustable fabric head strap.

LED Angle Torch

Web-Tex LED angle torch is a compact torch with excellent visibility.