Sale! Deluxe Map Compass

Deluxe Map Compass

£3.35 £3.72

A good all round compass which is ideal for cadets due to its millimetre, centimetre, inch romer scales.

Sale! Pathfinder Protractor-Romer

Plastic Military protractor and romer scale. Marked in either mils or degrees.

Sale! Silva Demo Compass

The Silva Blackboard Demonstration Compass is an ideal item for leaders to use as a training aid.

Sale! Silva Expedition 4 Compass

The full-size base plate compass for experienced navigators. It contains everything you need in a compass and has added functionality for GPS. The Expedition 4 is used by many defence forces around the world.

Sale! Silva Ranger Compass

Silva Ranger Compass

£20.66 £22.95

A traditional base-plate compass, popular among backpackers, scouts all over the world.

Sale! Web-tex Military Map Compass

The military compass that comes with a lifetime guarantee.