Sale! 1810G-700×700

1000 Mile Combat Socks made from 60% Acrylic 40% Nylon for comfort, durability and fast wicking.

Sale! 1000 Mile Three Season1000 Mile Three Season

The 3 season Performance walk sock features the unique properties of new Wool Ultra®: 20% lighter than conventional wool.

Sale! 2042-700×700

1000M Fusion Service

£13.49 £14.99

A low friction double layer sock with padded comfort and protection zones, including full-length achilles tendon padding and the great 1000 Mile blister-free guarantee!

Sale! 1926C-700×700

The 1000 Mile Ultimate walking sock is a sock within a sock. The 100% Tactel® inner layer stays with the foot, wicking away moisture whilst the soft wool-mix outer moves with the shoe.

Sale! Bridgedale Trekker Socks Black

Designed for all year round use by the regular outdoor enthsiast. Unique Bridgedale construction ensures dry, warm and comfortable feet.

Sale! Bridgedale Trailblaze Long SockBridgedale Trailblaze Long Sock

Hybrid construction provides excellent protection and venting exactly where it is needed.

Sale! 1988-100816122614-1110046574Highlander Combat Sock

The Highlanders British Army combat sock is designed for military activities and features a reinforced heel and toe with cushioned sole to provide shock absorbing comfort and prevent rubbing and blisters.

Sale! 1986-100816111218-1110046574Highlander Crusader Socks

The Crusader Sock from Highlander is ideal for a wide range of activities. It incorporates Coolmax technology and ventilation vents for all day comfort.

Sale! 1992-100816151319-1110046574Highlander Norwegian Wool Sock

Norwegian Army Socks are great multipurpose winter sock. The reinforced heel and toe to protect the feet even during long walks.

Sale! 1990-100816144325-1110046574Highlander Taskforce Sock

The Taskforce sock is a lightweight sock that has been designed for warmth and durability within a wide range of military activities.

Sale! Patrol SocksPatrol Socks

Patrol Socks

Made by Cadet Kit Shop
£6.29 £6.99

Specially designed socks for the cadet and armed forces.