Sale! bootcare-black2bootcare-black1

Protect your new Alt-Berg boots with our kit of Leder Gris Black Boot Care items.

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Care for your Alt-Berg boots with our complete Leder Gris Brown Boot Care Kit.

Sale! Altberg Gloss PolishAltberg Gloss Polish

Altberg Gloss Polish

£4.28 £4.75

Leder-Gloss is a mixture of 85% wax and 15% oil. It has been developed for parade boots or barracks use.

Sale! Altberg Leder GrisAltberg Leder Gris

Altberg Leder Gris

£4.28 £4.75

The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries. The oil goes deeper into the leather, and helps to maintain the leather’s suppleness.

Sale! Brown Combat Laces

Brown Combat Laces

Made by Cadet Kit Shop
£0.89 £0.99

Brown combat laces that fits up to 10 eyelet boots

Sale! Boot Laces

A cadet essential – extra boot laces.

Sale! Cherry Blossom Regimental Gloss

A high shine polish for smooth leather

Sale! Kiwi Brown616456

Premium shoe polish with Carnauba wax.

Sale! Military Boot Polish

High gloss Black or Brown boot polish . 50ml

Sale! Morello Futura 200 Boot PaintMorello Futura 200 Boot Paint

The Morello Futura 2000 is the latest version of this award winning product and will give and instant high gloss ‘bulled’ mirror finish to your footwear.

Sale! Nikwax Cotton Proof

Nikwax Cotton Proof

£5.84 £6.49

This is specifically designed to treat cotton and polycotton fabrics. It will leave a flexible water repellent treatment on the fabric fibers that allows air to pass through. So your clothes will remain fully breathable and water repellent.

Sale! Nikwax DX Direct Wash Proof

Wash-on waterproofing for rejuvenating your wet weather clothing.

Sale! Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proofing

Spray-on waterproofing and UV blocker for all weatherproof textiles

Sale! Nikwax for Leather Proof

Nikwax waterproofing cream for leather is a brilliant waterproofing wax that can be used on both wet or dry leather.

Sale! Nikwax Tech Wash Proof

An ideal cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipment, recommended by many outdoor specialists.

Sale! Nikwax Tent and Gear Proof

Spray-on waterproofing and UV blocker for all weatherproof textiles including tents, awnings, marquees and rucksacks.

Sale! Nikwax TX Direct Spray Proof

Spray-on waterproofing for rejuvenating your wet weather clothing.

Sale! Selvyt MoD Polishing Cloth

Die cut Boot polishing cloth specifically aimed at military boot polishing. Specified cloth of choice for the MOD.

Sale! Selvyt PR Polishing Cloth

Top of the range premium polishing cloth. Manufactured in woven cotton velvet with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish. Good as new when washed.

Sale! selvytSelvyt SR Polishing Cloth

Universal multi-purpose polishing cloth. Manufactured in woven unbleached cotton with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish.

Sale! 1911-051115093652-1110046574Svartz Anatomic Footbed

Svartz Anatomic Footbed

£19.80 £22.00

The Svartz Footbed is shaped to support the natural heel and ankle alignment whilst the shock absorbing capabilities ensure all day comfort.

Sale! Svartz-Ortopedix-Sml-1Svartz-Ortopedix

The Anatomix Lite gives maximum heel/rear foot stabilisation to maintain foot and ankle alignment.

Sale! db_file_img_1696_564x390

Svartz Memorex Footbed

£22.05 £24.50

The latest footbed in the Svartz® range containing memory foam to ease the foot pressure.

Sale! Tactical Boot Bag

Tactical Boot Bag

Viper Tactical
£22.49 £24.99

Viper Boot/Utility bag constructed from hardwearing 600D V-Cam Cordura

Sale! Trouser Twists

Olive green or Coyote elasticated twists with hooks