1363-240413162441-1110046574British Forces PCS Multi Terrain Combat Trousers

The British Forces Personal Clothing System (PCS) Combat Trousers are manufactured in accordance with the specification used by the British Army.

2019-150816140137-1110046574Genuine issue MTP (PCS) IRR MoD Combat Trousers

British Forces Brand New Genuine issue MTP (PCS) latest generation IRR MoD Combat Trousers

NATO Stock No:8415-99-317-8277

Sizes: from leg/waist/seat 70/72/88 cm

Elite TrousersElite Trousers

Viper – Elite Trousers now in stock in VCAM / Multicam. Designed to offer excellent protection not only against the elements but also through movement.

Waterproof Trousers NavyWaterproof Trousers Navy

Waterproof Trousers are the matching garment to the Waterproof Jacket.