Sale! 2220-090117141639-1110046574Genuine Issue PCS 2010 Under Armour UBACS Shirt

British Forces Brand New Genuine issue (PCS) 2010 generation Under Armour UBACS Shirt, as worn underneath the Osprey body armour.

NATO Stock No: 8415-99-813-8870

Sale! 2014-150816123640-1110046574Genuine Issue MTP (PCS) IRR MoD Combat Jacket (Shirt).

British Forces Brand New Genuine issue MTP (PCS) latest generation IRR MoD Combat Jacket.

NATO Stock No:8415-99-317-8340

Sizes are given in total wearer height (cm) followed by chest (cm)

Sale! UBACS Shirt

UBACS Comogrom Shirt

Helikon Tex
£26.99 £29.99

UBACS Under Armor shirt Camogrom with Elbow Pads.