Sale! 1364-240413162557-1110046574British Forces PCS Multi Terrain Smock.

The British Forces Personal Clothing System (PCS) windproof smock. Manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the British Army.

2009-150816092352-1110046574Genuine issue MTP (PCS)  IRR MoD Combat Smock.

British Forces Brand New Genuine issue MTP (PCS) latest generation IRR MoD Combat Smock.

NATO Stock No:8415-99-317-8393

Sizes are given in total wearer height (cm) followed by chest (cm)

Viper Elite Lightweight Jacket

The Viper Tactical Elite Jacket is a lightweight water resistant and windproof shell jacket ideal for strenuous outdoor military activities when you want to keep light on your feet yet protected from the elements.