Banner Cover

Heavy Duty canvas Banner & Pike storage Bag

1047-310112153552-1110046574Banner Pike 7ft Jointed

Banner Pike 7ft x 1.25inch jointed, surmounted by a brass spear-head.

1436-160913110617-1110046574Banner Pike 8ft Jointed

Banner Pike 8ft x 1.25inch jointed, surmounted by a brass spear-head and rings

Banner StandsBanner Stands

Banner Stands


Highly polished hardwood base with Brass Inserts.

Black Banner CarriageBlack Banner Carriage

Banner Carriage Black leather

Brown Banner Carriage

Banner Carriage Brown Leather

Ceremonial Banner Cover

Straight grained black leather cover, complete with polished brass rocket top and fabric ties.

2142-171016114801-1110046574Gauntlet Gloves

White leather gauntlet gloves

Gold MP Cords & Tassels

Gold metalized polyester cords & tassels for banners

Gold Silk Cords & Tassels

Gold silk cords & tassels for banners

White Banner Carriage

Banner Carriage White PVC

White Gloss MoD Colour Belt

Heavy duty gloss plastic fitted with ornamental buckle, adjustable