Sale! olive-rank-slide

Regulation British Army plain Olive Officers rank slides without embroidery.

Sale! parchment-rank-slide

Regulation British Army plain Parchment Officers rank slides without embroidery


We are able to manufacture ‘Custom Made’ rank slides with a customers own wording, please contact our sales team on 0121 772 5501 to specify your requirements and we can then advise you on the additional costs. The minimum order is 10. Delivery 4-6 weeks

Sale! rank-form-command-sm-slide

Formation Command Sergeant Major Rank Slide on Olive.

Sale! 1011-100112104605-1110046574Multicam with Bronze Rank Slides

Regulation British Army MultiCam rank slides with Bronze embroidery

Sale! white-rank-slide

Regulation British Army plain white Officers rank slides without embroidery.