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Get kitted for Annual Camp 2018 with our complete kit list for UK Cadets Annual Camp whether you are in the Army Cadet Force, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Sea Cadets, Combined Cadet Force or Volunteer Cadet Corps. We provide everything a cadet needs to keep safe, warm and comfortable during their trip. This includes sturdy tent pegs, tent sleeping bag liners and rolls, comfortable rucksacks and bergans as well as rations, cooking utensils, stoves, compasses and so much more.

Annual Camp

This kit list is merely an advisory one, suggested by instructors based on long experience. Details may vary from event to event but you won’t go far wrong if you use this list as your starting point.

To be worn or carried on your person 

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Boots, brown or black
Smock, Combat PCSCU MTP
Trousers, Combat PCSCU MTP
Jacket, Combat, lightweight, PCSCU MTP Shirt
Beret & badge
Cadet Helmet (issued by CQMS)
Belt, working
Jungle Hat MTP
T-shirt, green or brown
Notebook, pen/pencil
Silva compass

Personal web equipment/assault vest/bergen

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Cadet Assault Vest MTP Mk4
Bergen, Cadet Issue MTP Mk2, 50 litre

Packed in Bergen and/or webbing/assault vest

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Fleece/cold weather gear
Gore-Tex waterproof jacket & trousers
Shemagh and/or headover
Set of dry uniform/clothes/Spare t-shirt, underwear/socks
Boot cleaning kit
Wash kit with wet wipes
Basha kit, consisting of 2 poles, 6 pegs, 6 bungees, basha/poncho
Roll mat
Official Cadet sleeping bag
Bivvy bag
Combat Gloves
Personal first aid kit
Lip balm/sun cream
Torch with red filter and spare batteries
Black bin bags for rubbish or liners for waterproofing items in bergen
JetBoil or Blade cooking system
Spoon, full KFS (Knife, fork & spoon)
Water bottle & Mug ’58 Pattern (water bottle minimum 1 litre)
Mess tins
Scouring pads
Wet wipes
Toilet paper
Green string, for bashas and communications

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